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Chabad of Potomac is a friendly family-oriented synagogue that welcomes Jews from all backgrounds to participate in a variety of spiritual, educational, and entertaining programs.

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Services Schedule

  • Shabbat morning at 8:15 AM Jewish Mysticism/ Chassidus Class
  • Shabbat morning services 9:00 AM; Most user friendly time 10:45 to 12PM; Great children's program for all ages begins at 10:30AM – noon. Come and try it out! Rabbi’s talk at 11; Services always followed by Kiddush with plenty of Chabad liveliness and great food! To sponsor a kiddush to commemorate a special occasion please click on the Kiddush tab
  • Jewish Holiday Mornings 9 AM; High Holidays 8 AM
  • Weekday mornings at 7:30 AM (INCLUDES Federal Holidays and Chol Hamoed)
  • Sunday Mornings at 8:30 AM
  • Daily Evening service times: Sunday evenings 15 minutes before sunset. 9:00 PM on Weekdays
  • Friday nights 15 minutes before sunset
  • Shabbat afternoons 30 minutes before sunset followed by Shalosh Seudot meal
» New & Innovative Children's Program

The Shabbat Morning Program, led by experienced and energetic group leaders, provides an informative and exciting program for children ages 1 - 10 at the Shul, every Shabbat morning from 10:30am-12pm. This program, divided into several age groups, incorporates Tefilla (prayer), Parsha (weekly Torah study) and general "Jewishness" through games, songs, and stories. The program will include a new special motivational reward system, where the children will be able to redeem tokens they have earned, for great prizes.

New Childrens program
Led by our children's programming directors!

Do you have a birthday, family yartzeit, or special occasion? Why not celebrate it with a Kiddush at the Chabad shul! For more details or to reserve a kiddush click here .