Dear Parents,

In no time at all, our high school kids will be off to college, taking their first steps into the “real world.”

With the memory of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah fading, we follow our teenagers with excitement (and some trepidation!) as they all too quickly pass through their formidable years of development and race into adulthood – searching for identity, direction and their “place” in life.

Do you ever wonder: “Is my child struggling with self-doubt and inner confusion? Will they be susceptible to peer-pressure and negative influence from their peers? Will they gravitate around the “better” kids in their social circle? Will they follow the path that I’ve tried my best to lay out for them as a parent?

At JLI Teens, our goal is to create extra-curricular programming that challenges your son or daughter to think deeply about themselves and their Jewish identity. Our team of outstanding and committed authors, educators and marketing professionals has collaborated to develop powerful and exciting curricula that appeal to teenagers, with a message they’ll find relevant and uplifting.

JLI Teens is more than another after school program; it's a life-changing experience!

Our sessions are built on a strong Jewish academic framework that is pertinent, exciting and engaging – promoting lively discussion and debate! At JLI Teens, your teenager will be motivated to voice his or her opinion, developing and strengthening communication and leadership skills, and gaining a well-rounded base of wisdom, experience, and confidence.

The JLI Teens program allows us, as dedicated parents, to provide our kids with the greatest opportunities in secular education, and instill within them a strong foundation of Jewish knowledge that will raise their level of Jewish pride, commitment, and genuine feeling of belonging.

The JLI Teens experience will help your child prepare to face life's challenges proactively and positively – now that’s a recipe for success!


Sara Bluming, JLI Teens
The Potomac Chapter