Joyce Azria:

Daughter of BCBG Design CEO Max Azria, Joyce Azria grew up “fashion royalty” having served as the former creative director of BCBGeneration and founder of brands Avec Les Filles and Amazon’s ROHB brand. Born in Paris and raised in Los Angeles, her life story of Chanel to Shabbat tells of her shift from creating value driven brands to driving brands through her values as an observant Jewish woman. She is a fearless entrepreneur who embraces spirituality and uses her rich past as a means to tell her story to audiences across the country. Joyce resides in Florida with her husband and 7 children.



Rabbi Mendel Bluming:

Rabbi Mendel Bluming is the Chabad representative in the Potomac Maryland area and serves as the Rabbi of the Chabad Shul of Potomac. He received Rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Hillel Pewzner of Paris France, a leader in France's rabbinate, kashrut and Jewish educational system, and Rabbi Adin Stensaltz (Even Yisroel) of Jerusalem Israel, author of the Steinsaltz Talmud amongst many other works. He was ordained as a Jewish judge, a Dayan, by the late Rabbi Pinchas Hirshprung, the Chief Rabbi of Montreal, considered one of the foremost Torah scholars of our generation. Rabbi Bluming is a highly respected Rabbi in the Greater Washington area, and is a leading Possek for many day to day halachik questions for hundreds in the community. In addition to his scholarly wisdom, his sensitivity guides hundreds of people in their interpersonal relationships, helping them build stronger and trusting relationships with their spouses, children or friends.

Shayna Heller:

Shayna Heller is a glass artist with a background in graphic arts. Art By Shayna LLC is a glass studio in Silver Spring,  Maryland. Born in Massachusetts, Shayna Heller attended Boston University School of Visual Arts, where she majored in graphic design. In the design field for forty-four years, Shayna retired two years ago from managing a 40-person creative graphic arts team at a national research corporation. As an artist and designer her glass work often fuses fine art and design to create everyday functional objects. Her creative approach has always been one of experimentation and problem solving. She is fascinated by the endless variety of kiln-forming glass techniques and continues to discover more ways to incorporate her love for both abstract and representational art into the process. Shayna's fused glass creations can be functional, decorative, or treated as fine art. You are welcome to explore the online gallery and decide for yourself. If you don't find what you are looking for, send an inquiry about additional items in inventory or commission a piece of artwork.