Chabad Shul of Potomac
Section in the Garden of Remembrance Cemetery


Dear Friends,


Interestingly, in Jewish tradition purchasing a cemetery plot in a traditional Jewish cemetery is a conduit (segulah) for longevity! Some explain the reason to be because there is an important mitzvah in the Torah "El Haafar tashuv " To earth shall ye return, that one is to be buried in the ground not cremated etc. Now, one needs to be alive to fulfill a mitzvah, so how can one fulfill that one? The answer is by buying a cemetery plot in a traditional Jewish cemetery during your lifetime. This mitzvah is so important that it caries with it the reward of long life! In fact, one of the first things our forefathers did when immigrating from “the old country” was to form a burial society.


The Chabad Shul of Potomac has purchased cemetery space in the Garden of Remembrance.  The Chabad section is located in a very serene and easily accessible area of the cemetery. The Garden of Remembrance is an outstanding Jewish cemetery very devoted to Jewish tradition and your family. 


The response has been strong and many of the plots have already been sold. If you would consider purchasing plots for yourself or for loved ones please contact our rep at the cemetery: Mr. David Kaler at (301) 428- 3000. For more information about the cemetery please log onto


May G‑d bless you with many, many healthy and joyous years.



Rabbi Mendel Bluming
Chabad Shul of Potomac


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Q: What is the difference between the Garden of Remembrance and other Jewish memorial parks and cemeteries in the greater Washington, D.C. area?

A: The Garden of Remembrance is the area's most inclusive Jewish cemetery and the only not-for-profit cemetery managed by a board of Jewish community leaders. We offer comprehensive services in accordance with all branches of Judaism and honor your personal preferences.

We provide unparalleled service, accommodating all of your preferences at your convenience.

We allocate more space for each burial plot than other local Jewish cemeteries.

We have paved pathways for walking within the Memorial Park, as well as benches throughout the area for sitting and contemplation.

We respond quickly to your questions and concerns.