The following is a general curriculum outline: 
Hebrew: Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people and it connects us to our past. The Hebrew language and prayer unite us with a sacred commonality. Our program integrates Hebrew reading and prayer into each weekly session by beginning each day with tefillah (prayer) and with our Hebrew sessions. 
Aleph Champ: Chabad Hebrew School uses the highly motivational Aleph Champ program to teach Hebrew reading. Aleph Champ affords our students the ability to progress at their own pace by grouping them by level rather than by grade.
With the Aleph Champ program, reading has never been this fun!! Beginner students begin by learning the letters of the Aleph Bet. They will spend a great deal of time on letter recognition through exercises and games to ensure that their foundation in Hebrew reading is solid. After they master the Aleph Bet, they will begin learning the Nekudot (Vowels),  focusing on recognizing the names, appearance and sounds of the Nekudot. They will then begin doing reading exercises with 2 and 3 letter words.
As students continue in our more advanced Hebrew classes, they will strengthen their reading skills, focus on reading fluency and accuracy, and master Hebrew prayers. 
Cap it Reading Program: We are excited to be implementing the Cap It reading program for our first and second graders. The Cap It reading program is multi-sensory, and based on the latest research on reading and child development. The Cap It program teaches how to read through toys which we call Tactile Visual Mnemonics TM. These toys serve as memory aids, helping the student retain the sound.  For a more thorough understanding of the CAP IT® method and philosophy, visit their site: 


Prayer: Each day begins with Prayer. Prayers are sung to tunes that are used during the synagogue service so that our students will be comfortable in a synagogue setting and familiar with the tunes.  Younger students are taught basic prayers including “Modeh Ani”, “Shema” and more, using a beautifully designed, full color Sing-Along Siddur.  The stunning pictures provide the students with a clear understanding of the words they are reciting, as they clap and sing along with the accompanying CD, enabling them to master the prayers through music and song.
Our older students are introduced to more advanced prayers such as the Amidah, using a Siddur that was specially designed for Hebrew Schools. The Siddur includes simple, clear introductions to each prayer, English translations and transliterations so the students can follow along and better understand what they are saying, extra large Hebrew letters for easier reading, and key words highlighted for further study.
Torah/Jewish History: A basic study of the five books of the Torah, spanning from Genesis through Deuteronomy. This subject will provide our students with an overview of our people’s incredible and rich history from its very beginning until their entry into the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua. Students explore the lives of our Matriarchs, Patriarchs and other great leaders (i.e. Moses, Miriam etc…) who helped form us into the Jewish Nation. We are excited to be piloting a phenomenal and cutting edge curriculum for this subject called “Jewish Journeys”. This two year curriculum is designed to engage our students in the stories of the Torah through various mediums and skills including technology, engineering, art, biblical experience and theater. 
Mitzvot & Jewish Values: Students discover what it means to live as a Jew through exploring various fundamental Mitzvot; Mitzvot between Man & Man (Jewish values) and Mitzvot between Man & G‑d. Students will understand the underlying principles of Jewish practice and values and the how, what when, where and why of Mitzvot. 
Jewish Life Cycles:  Older students will journey through the Jewish Lifecycle and understand significant milestones and their corresponding traditions and customs. Students will learn Jewish Lifecycles through the lens of the Soul-the Journey of the Soul from Life to Death and beyond. 
Israel: The Land of Israel has always been a special place for Jews and Judaism. Our Israel curriculum is designed to deepen our students’ relationship with the Land of Israel, as well as gain an understanding and appreciation for the Land of Israel as the Jewish land. Projects include a cultural exchange, in which participants draw upon lessons by students at the Technion (one of the world’s leading engineering universities) and use the skills they learn to design toys for Sderot’s children in need.
Holidays: Lessons on each Jewish holiday will fill the calendar as we travel through the year from Rosh Hashanah through Shavuot. Students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each holiday and its associated traditions, customs and life’s lessons. Music, drama, art and food are some of the exciting and interactive mediums that are used when teaching the holidays.  Family Holiday programs are offered before (or during) each holiday and serve as a wonderful opportunity to join your child in Hebrew School for an interactive learning experience and holiday fun. 


Torah Trivia: This curriculum covers basic Jewish facts ranging from Biblical personalities to Jewish objects and everything in between. Students will study one Jewish fact per week while constantly reviewing the facts from previous weeks to reinforce their knowledge base. Cool Torah Trivia question box and mini prizes add to the fun and excitement!

Jewish Birthday Bash: Jewish Birthdays will be celebrated once a month with an exciting party during Hebrew School. We will be recognizing the students whose birthdays take place in the upcoming Jewish month. Those students will receive certificates with their Hebrew birthday, and goody bags, and the whole school will celebrate with birthday cupcakes or other special treat. This program will help familiarize the students with their Hebrew birthday, as well as the Jewish traditions associated with celebrating their Jewish birthday.