Chabad Hebrew School is sort of a secret that shouldn’t be!

For those lucky parents and children who found out and who attend Chabad Hebrew School it is like a prize in a crackerjack box!

My first interaction with Chabad was when I met Sarah for the first time. She took me up to her cozy office upstairs and I felt like I’d known her my whole life! She was so easy to talk to and I kept thinking to myself this is a great person for my children to be around. Of course, It turned out to be true not only her but with the teachers and staff and of course Mendel and their entire family including of course brothers, sisters, and cousins.

We know Chabad Hebrew School is a place that:

  • is a rare find
  • a place that welcomes everyone
  • that shows interest and cares about each child and their family
  • has staff that form relationships with all who attend
  • helps others to form relationships with each other thus creating a strong community bond
  • has school staff that always give their very best for the children and families in their care.

Staff is encouraging and motivating, making learning fun, providing engaging experiences that are meaningful.

They simply take no shortcuts.

But when the pandemic hit they went crazy! I mean, not kooky but so driven to keep the above mentioned things going.

I never really questioned if Hebrew school would continue but rather how and to what extent. What an extent it was!

Chabad Hebrew school staff communicated with families and asked for feedback on whether we prefer to learn in person or virtual. They provided both options! It was amazing!

If you were virtual, special efforts were made to ensure your child had hands-on experiences by having all items packed up for each child weekly and then being given an option for door-to-door delivery.

Family schedules were accommodated to ensure that each child would have their Aleph champ class at times that were convenient for them.

Traditions such as beloved Friday night class Shabbat dinners at the Blumings continued because of the creative ways in which each family was able to celebrate at home but at the same time together with everyone! On a personal note I was so excited to get Sara’s delicious noodle recipe, a favorite of everyone’s and I am now able to make it in my own home!

Sara is everywhere involved in everything and available all the time. I know she won’t admit it but I think she has a twin. One sleeps while the other one works then they switch!! Outdoor events were scheduled for holidays in safe ways for the community to be able to gather and feel a sense of togetherness.

Birthday bashes continued. Everything continued, some virtually; but it really didn’t feel any different than the usual in-person experience for my child and I’m guessing yours. My child was as always, still excited to go to Hebrew school.

Throughout the pandemic Sara and her amazing team, this year from places near and far; demonstrated creativity, flexibility and resilience. They transformed the way they worked and communicated with students and families, supporting us by offering virtual Hebrew school.

They have been a steady presence in our children’s lives and have played a critical role in our well-being.

I want to celebrate our children for continuing their Jewish learning and the amazing educators for their dedication and commitment to our children.

We have been going through trying times, but despite the circumstances when our family thinks of Chabad we find reason to be grateful, celebrate and smile.

I’m sure your family can relate to having the same great experiences as well.

The slogan on the sign outside the Shul says it all and becomes the reality we all want for our children with Judaism:

“Learn it, Love it and Live it!”

Thank you Chabad, for the work that you do on behalf of the children and families in this community. 

It is a privilege for our children to attend Chabad Hebrew School and have you in our lives!

L.E. , CHS Parent


The other day I picked up our 3 children from Hebrew school and Ariel, our 10 year old, said it was the best day of Hebrew School ever. When I asked her why, she said, “It just was.” It wasn’t like it was a special day of menorah making or challah baking or getting slushies. It was just an ordinary Chabad Hebrew school day.

I did not grow up with any Jewish education at all, as my mom, who was Jewish, had turned away from Judaism. From what I hear from my husband and our contemporaries, Hebrew school would not ever have been described as a best day, or a great day, or even an ok day.

When Ariel started coming to Hebrew school 4 years ago, we were not a very observant family. We lit candles for Shabbat, went to synagogue on Yom Kippur, and celebrated Rosh Hashannah and Passover with family and friends. The excitement and warmth that Chabad and the Hebrew School has brought to our three children, Ariel, Sophie who is 8, and Luc who is 6 has influenced us tremendously. Today, we celebrate Shabbat dinner at our home every Friday with friends and family, my husband lays tefillin every day, we say the shema every night, I have studied with Sara, we build a sukkah for sukkot, we have taken a marriage class with Rabbi Bluming, and our home is Kosher. There is nothing for us, like holding hands as a family and saying the shema together before the children go to sleep.

When I asked our 3 children what their favorite things about Chabad Hebrew School were, they said,

You study Hebrew, work hard, and get prizes. [I say whatever works!]

One said, you give tzedakah and do mitzvahs.

The other said the teachers and my friends.

So the kids, Barry and I decided to come up with the slogan for Chabad Hebrew School’s next brochure.

Here are some original, creative ideas from the Beck family:

Chabad Hebrew School: Just Do It!

Chabad Hebrew School, It’s the Real Thing!

Hey Mikey, He Likes It!

Nothing Outlasts Chabad Hebrew School, It keeps going, and going. .

And my favorite:

Chabad Hebrew School Tuition: a couple hundred dollars
Starbucks coffee after Hebrew School drop off: $4.00
Watching your child smile as they get into your car after Hebrew School: Priceless

There are some things money can’t buy.

Marla Beck, Founder and CEO of Blue Mercury Inc.


I love coming to Hebrew School. This is my 4th year here.

The teachers so wonderful!

Every year I think that… next year can’t be as good as the last because my teacher was so great …….but then I get back to Hebrew School in the Fall and end up with another amazing teacher!

I thought I was just getting lucky but it turns out that everyone feels the same way.

We have a lot of fun here at Chabad — playing games, hearing stories, earning tokens and winning prizes - OH YEAH, and WE LEARN TOO!

With all the fun we are having we forget that we are actually learning about all aspects of Judaism.

We have learned about Jewish Homes, Jewish History, Hebrew Letters, Holidays and so much more!

I want to thank all the teachers as well as Sara and Rabbi Bluming for having such a warm, comfortable, friendly place for me to learn more about my religion.

Jayne Samborn, CHS Student


Last year when we were searching for a new synagogue, hebrew school was obviously a big part of our discussion. My husband and I had fairly typical Hebrew school experiences: it was a chore, a means to an end. And the end couldn't come soon enough.

We were intrigued when Sara and Rabbi Bluming explained the Chabad Hebrew school philosophy — make hebrew school so enjoyable that kids would actually like it. I'm not sure we believed this could happen, but we accepted the challenge.

When the kids came home happy after the first day we wrote it off as excitement for something new. Then the strangest thing happened, week after week they came home happy. And they were learning. Soon we realized this was no fluke. And anyone who spends time with Sara, Fradie, Shira, and Chanchie knows why. They provide an atmosphere of warmth, not rigid rules; of creativity, not tired lessons we had growing up.

Most importantly, we know Chabad Hebrew school is providing a foundation upon which to build and that the end of Hebrew school will be the beginning of a lifetime of learning.

Mrs. Jen Marks


When I speak about the Chabad to friends, I find myself using these adjectives: nurturing and engaging. When we started here last year, I was so taken by the natural nurturing given by the teachers. Whether it was simple encouragement, a little pat on their shoulders, or a warm smile as my daughters spoke to them, I easily felt their tenderness and warmth. For children starting at a new Hebrew School, I know they appreciated it too.

There is no price tag for engaging teachers. Any time I open up the classroom doors, I smile at what I see: eager hands raising, games galore, excited voices, and teachers who speak about Judaism and traditions from their souls, who excitingly share their knowledge. As a teacher myself, I know that when students are engaged, they not only take in what lesson is taught, but they can share their learnings with others and feel proud of their classroom successes. Whether it is talking about the symbolism of the Seder plate or explaining the story of Chanukah, my children speak with pride, excitement and a true understanding.

Your mission, your instruction, your careful planning, and the way you do it all with such love and energy is appreciated more than you can know. I thank you for giving my children the gift of learning, the love of their religion, and the excitement to come back each week.

Lisa Fox, CHS Parent


Hebrew School. What can I say about it? One thing: lots! My name is Josh Pizer. I am 11 years old and have been at Chabad Hebrew School for two years now. I have had sooo many great memories at this place. And I’ve only been here for two years! This place offers Torah study, Aleph-Champ program to teach you Hebrew, life lessons, and so much more. We have done sooo many fun things this year. My teacher was the amazing Morah Miriam, who helped and taught me sooo much this year. I just want to thank her for that. With her, I have learned so much. She is like my GPS. I have learned life lessons like respecting parents, others, keeping kosher, ect. I have also learned a ton about Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Passover, and Shavuot, just to name a few. Oh, and the people here are wonderful! So warm and friendly, just perfect people. And the students are kind, supportive, and just plain funny. At my old Hebrew school, I was bullied badly. But here, nobody is mean. It’s like a fantasy here. Except it’s not. It’s real and amazing! Lastly, this place was soo much fun! We play games, sing songs, get prizes, and more. In fact, my brother got a cotton candy machine from here, using the tokens he earned, and loved it! Thank you for making this year amazing! I can’t wait for next year!

Josh Pizer, CHS Student


Let me just start out by saying, Chabad Hebrew School is amazing!!! My sister Lexi and I started at Chabad Hebrew School last year. We were nervous at first, but when we got there we were immediately comforted by Mrs. Bluming, the teachers, and the great students. This year my little brother, Ryan, started Chabad and he loves it like we do.

Why do we love it? Chabad makes Hebrew school fun. We learned about the Jewish home by building our own model home. We learned about Pesach by making our own

Haggadah. During Purim, we learned all about Haman, Queen Esther, Mordechai, and King Achashverosh while baking delicious hamentaschen and dressing up as our favorite character.

We have Aleph Champ, which makes learning Hebrew fun. We start at one level and cannot wait to get higher and higher. This makes learning Hebrew exciting and challenging. Morah Naomi is my Aleph Champ teacher. She taught me to read and write Hebrew.

The teachers at Chabad always smile. They are welcoming and care about each and every one of us. Morah Fraidy is my teacher now and I have never seen her without a smile on her face. She is amazing!!

I never want to miss Hebrew school. When I am there, time flies! Chabad Hebrew School teaches you that when you are Jewish you are special. Thanks for another great year!

Justin Marks, 5th Grade Chabad Hebrew School student


"Chabad Hebrew School Is Incredible"

Hello, my name is Rebecca Eisen, and I have now been coming to Chabad Hebrew School for 2 years. My experience at Chabad has been incredible.

First, at Chabad there are exceptional teachers. Last year I had Morah Shirah who was great. Each holiday we celebrated with her she told us stories about the holiday in an understandable way, and I learned lots in her class. This year I had Fraidy. Fraidy was sooooo much fun, and we even text sometimes. Fraidy has taught me so much about the Nashama, a soul, and we have done many fun projects in her class. Chanchie is a great teacher, too. Even though I have never had Chanchie as my teacher, my sister has, and she really enjoys her, and looks forward to coming to Hebrew school every week.

Another incredible thing about Chabad Hebrew School is that the curriculum is very exciting and fun. Instead of just reading words and not really doing anything with it, Chabad has put together a program that excites students to learn the Hebrew words. Each "level" that you pass is from a "Karate System," and the levels get harder and harder until you get to the black level. When you pass a level, you get a medal, which makes you feel good.

Last, the best part of Chabad is the students that go here. The students are so nice and inclusive, and you make new friends. Each week I am excited to see my friends because they make my experience at Chabad even better.

Finally, I want to say thank you to Sara Bluming and Rabbi Bluming. Sara has put in so much of her time to help Chabad Hebrew School be the best ever. Rabbi Bluming came into our class this year, and we asked him questions. For EVERY question, he had an answer no matter how complicated it was. Thank you so much for everything!

Chabad Hebrew School is truly an incredible place to be.


My name is Tammy Gruber, my husband is Dan and our two boys are Jacob who is in 4th grade, and Ben in 2nd grade.

Chabad is happy to include anyone Jewish into its fold, in any capacity that the person wishes. Dan and I are not very observant at all, in fact, when Rabbi Bluming saw me in shul one random Saturday he did a double take and jokingly came up to ask me if everything was ok. Actually, it was our neighbors Barmitzvah so all was right with the world. This is typical of Chabad though, even if they know that your degree of Judaism is not the same as theirs, they are happy to include you in any way that you wish.

When it was time for our oldest child Jacob to attend Hebrew school our neighbors, the Lisses, told us about CHS. I called Sara and probably had the typical conversation that she has with most parents who end up sending their children here. I asked her “Sara, what kind of Jewish are you? Are you orthodox, Lubavitch, just what are you?” She said “Tammy, we are Jewish.” As simple as that, and truly it really is. Chabad is Jewish, we are Jewish, and as such our children and our family have always felt welcome here, and always felt included.

I have referred quite a few friends here, and when talking about CHS I tell them that I am not exactly sure about all the details on what goes on (being the mom of boys), but the boys often really impress me with their knowledge. At a Pesach Seder I was astounded that they knew so much, and whatever method the teachers are using here, things are sinking in. The main thing I know is that my boys are excited to go to CHS every Sunday, and happy when I pick them up, that that is good enough for my husband and I.

I think this is greatly due to the warm, welcoming and inclusive tone of the school. The classes are small, it feels like a home, and our children are loved.

Dan and I would like to thank Chabad Hebrew School for giving our children such a wonderful Jewish experience.


We all know that there are a certain set of things we really want for our children. We want them to understand where they come from, who they are, and how Judaism shapes the way we think, act, interact, and react. We also want them to know how to read, write, and sing in Hebrew. In addition, we want them to be confident, comfortable, and secure in their knowledge so that they will be able to make the independent decision to live a Jewish life.

Figuring out how to make this happen is a daunting task. We live in a time where most of our enrichment comes after school and weekends. We all struggle to find the balance between secular studies, Judaic studies, sports, music, art and more. There is so much we want and so much to value that it seems creating the perfect plate of knowledge is simply impossible.

Finding Chabad Hebrew School is an easy part of this puzzle.

We love Chabad Hebrew School because in our long list for valuable enrichment for our children, we sought a Jewish education. We looked for a school that would inspire our children to love Judaism and love themselves. And a place where we would know that our children could commit time to learning and where they would feel welcomed, respected, valued, and supported in their our own Jewish journey. And, most especially, it would be a place where we could feel confident and comfortable and supported as well. Chabad is a wonderful home. And we are grateful to share such pride for our school, our teachers, and our children.

Thank you Chabad Hebrew School. Thank you for providing us such a beautiful place to educate our children. You give our children the foundation for their Jewish soul. You make them want to come to school, to read more Hebrew, to read even faster, to sing soulful tunes, to celebrate the holidays, to commit to mitzvoth, and to understand the rich text of Torah.

-Judi Lapidus, CHS Mom