"The Jewish way of being there for each other"

By contributing you are making a meaningful difference! 

 "One who celebrates with their own family without including the needy and unfortunate, has not fulfilled the Torah's command of mitzvah celebration."
The Code of Jewish Law - Laws of Jewish Holidays

If you are in a position to give, thank G‑d! Thank G‑d because it is very painful to have to ask for help with basic needs. Bitterly painful. People come to meet with me and they speak around and around the subject, unable to bring themselves to just say that they desperately need help - it hurts too much! It is hard to think about how quickly the well can dry up when the income stops or really drops. Although we are, thank G‑d, amongst the most affluent Jewish communities, there are members of our local community who cannot afford basic needs.

Friends- Your support of the Adel Fund is crucial! 

Jewish Law, based on Talmud Baba Metziah page 71 teaches, “Aniyei Ircha Kodmin” We must make it a priority to care for the needy of our community. The Chabad Adel Fund works hard to respond immediately and discreetly to these community needs. Every cent raised goes directly to needy community members.

Please be our partners in this vital endeavor, please contribute generously! One of the members of the Adel Fund Allocations Committee recently commented that if any of the recipient families would knock on your door you would certainly help them- we are just saving the recipients the discomfort!

May G‑d bless you that you and yours always be on the giving end!


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