The Bat Mitzvah Club is a wonderful opportunity for pre-teen girls to understand exactly what becoming a Bat Mitzvah is all about.  They learn more than rote instruction; they learn invaluable lessons that apply to their everyday lives. 

My daughter loved not only the curriculum, but she also loved meeting the girls that were in the club.  She made some nice friends, and she always enjoyed the club sessions.  Each session featured crafts and hands-on activities. 

Thank you to Chabad for providing such an enriching club to these pre-teen girls.

Susan E. BMC Parent


I love BMC for many reasons. First of all, the club leaders are so nice and caring. We always do fun activities for each of our lessons we are learning. I especially like bonding with the others girls and getting to know them better. I loved when we had the Shabbaton. We had so much fun with the other girls and got to know a lot about each other that we didn’t know before. I would like to thank our club leaders for being wonderful Bat Mitzvah teachers and putting so much work into making sure we have the best time every time we come.

Jadyn F. BMC Member


My daughter had an amazing journey with the BMC. She made wonderful friends, learned through insightful and fun activities the importance of  
becoming a Jewish woman and has long lasting memories.

Rosie R. BMC Parent 


I cannot say enough good things about our daughter's experience with the BMC.  Every month, she was so enthusiastic about attending.  The leaders were so warm and welcoming, and our daughter loved all of the activities.  One of her favorites was getting to celebrate Shabbat with the Bluming family!  The girls did so many creative things, and the program was really well put together.  We also particularly enjoyed the mother-daughter tea that rounded out the end of the program.  We highly recommend the BMC and are so grateful that our daughter was able to participate.

Carrie S. BMC Parent 



Bat Mitzvah Club has been an amazing experience for me. I learned the real reason behind a Bat Mitzvah more than just the party. Every time I have come to BMC I had a great time, from when we made candles to when we designed our own jewelry. I would like to thank our club leaders for being great role models and for making BMC so awesome!

Sara F. BMC Member



Hannah thoroughly enjoyed the BMC. Each session was prepared and delivered with such care and warmth - from the shabbat sleepover, to the artwork, the visit to the Old Age home, the discussion with the Rabbi, and all lovely take homes ( books, certificates, jewellery, and so on)

Hannah learnt a lot about herself and ignited a curiosity and pull towards Judaism. The teachers went above and beyond expectations - ensuring that each and every girl felt special and included, even to communicating with the girls outside of class times. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Andi W. BMC Parent


Bat Mitzvah Club  

Very interesting  
Happy times  

Bat Mitzvah Club  

All these words describe what I have learned from the Bat Mitzvah Club. I will cherish the memories forever and ever.

 Annie Rodney BMC Member