Looking for a meaningful Jewish prayer while also enjoying a hearty breakfast and good company?

 You must be  looking for the Bagel Lox and Teffilin club

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Common questions  

Who can join BLT?

Any Jewish male over the age of 13.

 Do I have to bring anything with me?

Yes. Please bring your Teffilin (or your grandpas) with you.

I do not know how to put on Teffilin, I do not even own one is this for me?

YES! We have extra pairs at Chabad for you to use, And we will help you with putting on Teffilin. 

(If you like to come well prepared click here for a great tutorial)

Is there a fee to join?

Its free to join! Thanks to our generous sponsors. If you would like to sponsor one BLT please let us know! (Its a great merit to dedicate one in memory of a loved one) 

Is it ok if I only want to join one month and not all?

Yes. Each one is an independent service and Mitzvah.







This prayer service is run by the Chabad Potomac JDF